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Our mission is to empower each student to cultivate a genuine relationship with Hashem and become an educated, productive member of society.


Our vision is to provide a loving and supportive environment in which each student can achieve success. We enable each student to discover her own inherent worth. Our holistic educational approach supports an internalization of Torah values as well as an acquisition of knowledge and skills.


We Believe...

1. In an educational philosophy that approaches each student's hashkafic, social, emotional, and academic needs.

2. It is essential for young women to formulate a strong sense of self and pride in being a Bas Yisroel.

3. In the necessity of making Torah relevant, while emphasizing that a life of Yiddishkeit is full of simcha and purpose. 

4. In imbuing each student with a love of the Jewish people and a love of Eretz Yisrael.

5. In valuing each student’s personality, strengths, and challenges as well as recognizing student effort and success.

6. That we must trust and respect our students in order to earn our students’ trust and respect.

7. That the role of a teacher is to engage students, encourage questions, and ignite a passion for lifelong learning.

8. In providing a rigorous yet accessible academic program, focusing on enabling students to reach their own academic potential and meeting the needs of all learners through student-centered instruction.

9. In utilizing techniques that will motivate positive change and encourage personal responsibility. 

10. In developing the strengths of our students through extra-curricular programming which fosters positive middos, social skills, and leadership qualities.

11. That chinuch is a process that requires patience and a partnership with parents.

12. That educating young Jewish women is a privilege that requires dedication, flexibility, and creativity.

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